Darjuš & Kšištof Lavrinovič
Darjuš & Kšištof Lavrinovič

The tallest twins in the world contribute to various Wolves’ activities for fans, promote an active and healthy lifestyle, regularly visit educational institutions, invite people to basketball games, engage the fans through our official communication, and represent the club in the public eye.

Alytus is an important city for the brothers, who have won many notable titles during their careers because it was here, in the city team BC Alita, that the high scorers started their career back in 1996 and defended the team's colours for several seasons.

"Alytus was the beginning of our basketball careers. Here we grew as players, playing sports for many seasons. The city has given us a lot; we know a lot of fans, and it's always nice to come back and talk to them. That's why we want to bring them joy, and we will do that together with the new team, who will also start their journey in Alytus", – says Darjuš.

"Alytus has great fans, and we are thrilled that Wolves play their first season here. It's a city that loves sport and basketball", – adds Kšyštof.


  • EuroBasket winner (Kšištof)
  • Italian League and Italian Cup champion (Kšištof)
  • EuroCup winner (Kšištof)
  • Turkish Super League and Turkish Cup champion (Darjuš)
  • Ukrainian SuperLeague champion (Darjuš)
  • EuroBasket bronze medal winner (both)
  • EuroBasket silver medal winner (both)
  • VTB United League and PBL champion (both)
  • Lithuanian Basketball League champion (both)