The ambassadors represent the club's values in society, share their stories and experiences with Lithuanian youth, and aim to inspire them to achieve not only in sports, but also in their life goals.

Activities completed
Visited more than 50 schools and academic institutions across Lithuania.
Initiated more than 10 humanitarian missions and relief efforts in Ukraine.
Darjuš & Kšištof Lavrinovič
The tallest twins in the world contribute to various Wolves’ activities for fans, promote an active and healthy lifestyle, regularly visit educational institutions, invite people to basketball games, engage the fans through our official communication, and represent the club in the public eye.
Sergej Maslobojev
Glory kickboxing light heavyweight champion is a big believer in leading by example, aiming to inspire young people to cultivate an active lifestyle and instill the attitude of never giving up in sports and other areas of life.
Vytautas Medineckas-Ironvytas
Rapper, actor, businessman, and weightlifter Vytautas Medineckas-Ironvytas has experience in many fields. He wants to share it with young people to inspire and motivate them.
Pavel Kovtunec
Pavel Kovtunec is a management and communication specialist whose life has always been closely connected with Lithuanian sports. In the past, he held the positions of vice president of the Lithuanian Boxing Federation and president of the Kickboxing Federation, also worked as a sports talents manager, until he experienced an unexpected blow in life.
Emilis Vėlyvis
The famous Lithuanian film director and screenwriter Emilis Vėlyvis has won four Lithuanian National Silver Crane Awards, his films are also part of the programs of foreign film festivals. Emilis is sure that movie scene and basketball court have many similarities, so the director who joined the group of ambassadors uses his creativity to contribute to the club's goals.
Gerda Cichockienė
Having accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment business and employing more than 500 models and dancers, Gerda is one of the most famous promo agents in Lithuania. The founder of "GS agency" worked with the world's most famous events, exhibitions, private events, the most famous night clubs and Hollywood stars.