Vytautas Medineckas-Ironvytas
Vytautas Medineckas-Ironvytas

Rapper, actor, businessman, and weightlifter Vytautas Medineckas-Ironvytas has experience in many fields. He wants to share it with young people to inspire and motivate them.

Ironvytas has released five albums and more than 50 music videos. However, he is also well known in the Lithuanian acting scene as he played many different roles in movies and TV series in Lithuania and abroad.

Wolves ambassador visits schools to educate youth on sports, entrepreneurship, goal setting, breaking the stereotypes, and how to beat the challenges to become successful.

Vytautas is a weightlifter and a fitness athlete, promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He is also the founder of a sports supplements store and the pioneer of many sports programs. For the last eight years, he has organized the Ironvytas Bench Press competition, which promotes heavy lifting and unites the strongest athletes in the country.

"I love sharing my story and experience with young people who still have everything ahead of them. I'm a young businessman, but I have already endured many challenges. However, that experience has inspired many good decisions later, so I love sharing it with the youth in Alytus", – said Ironvytas.